In One, He Jumps From A Staggering Height Of 129 Feet Into The Newport Harbor Marina In California.

Shocking CCTV footage shows YouTuber 8Booths legs smash into the concrete side of a pool after he jumped off a hotel balcony. He ends up in the water after smashing into the hard surface first. This slightly misjudged leap left 8Booth unable to stand up and clearly in pain next to the pool after he pulled himself from the water. 8Booth posted the clips of his eighth ill-fated pool drop from three different angles earlier Tuesday. His previous extreme clips, often captured on Go-Pro, have seen him jumping from even greater heights after breaking into buildings. More than 73,000 followers subscribe to his YouTube channel, which features heart-stopping stunts. In one, he jumps from a staggering height of 129 feet into the Newport Harbor Marina in California. But this time, the self-proclaimed professionals luck ran out. The latest video ends with 8Booth in a hospital bed and his legs in plaster after suffering a nasty-looking foot injury. Daredevil YouTuber 8BoothYouTube It is believed the stunt was filmed at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, California.

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